Arunachal Pradesh .. Call of the East

The Giant Buddha

Arunachal Pradesh wakes you up the first thing in the morning as the dawn sun rays are the sharpest ever compared to the rest of India. Welcome to the land of the eastern rising Sun.

The bazaar

These are the places that one can add to make your Western Arunachal Pradesh itinerary as complete as possible.

Start Driving

Start your trip from Gauwhati , and drive up to Bhalukpong for a night stay. On the way do not forget to have Assamese thali at NRL , Authentic and yummy .

Stay at Bhalukpong ,unfortunately there are not too many choices so select for the government owned privately managed property called Prashanthi cottages.It is the garden and the meadows that adds a touch of beauty to this otherwise very basic accommodation stay.

The next day you can drive from Bhalukpong towards Sesssa and Tanga Valley and you would have crossed Assam borders into mainstream Arunachal.

If you love orchids you must visit this place

On the way you can visit Tipi orchid area, but October may not be the flowering season so just a walk around this conservatory of orchids of rare species can be seen here.You really don’t need too much time here but some picture opportunities can take your time definitely .

The orchidarium

Day of The landslide

When you are traveling around monsoon time, You will observe everywhere the border roads Organisation dedicatedly working on the hills and trying to clear any landslide area as early as possible..

When you have a driver like Navjit Burman who knows that this wait can extend more than 24 hours, ,we reroutef towards Tezpur ,kalakthang to reach Bomdila driving through the hills almost at midnight but yes we made it.

Passing through Bomdila onward to Tawang

Now these are the highlights that you simply cannot miss during the drive to Tawang

Sela Pass and Sela lake

Every traveler waits to view the sela pass as it connects to the India China border and it is the land of Tibetan Buddhism. This pass is also historically important for Indians because in 1962 Sino Indian war as a boy named jaswant singh Rawat fought all by himself after all the ammunition was exhaustedll against the Chinese soldiers near the mountain pass and this pass is named after the tribal woman named Sheila who brought food and water to him.

Sela Lake for you

fog fog all the way

The Jang waterfalls

The road trip passes through Baisakhi garrison and this is where it becomes colder and foggy And you wouldn’t have asked for more than a stop at the canteen , just gorge on hot bread pakoras and Dosa made by the army canteen. If you miss this break you will miss something for sure .

The Jang waterfalls

What a relief as the weather got better it was possible to go to the Jang waterfalls it’s popularity rose because Madhuri Dixit danced around these waterfalls .

One look at the pure white milky waterfall and you are startled because of the heavy volume of water which falls from a height of more than 300 feet and this waterfall is actually an accumulation of several lakes and streams that land into Thang river.

The locals get their electric power from the Hydro power station which is located just next to the waterfalls so not only is it aesthetic to the eyes but also of immense use to provide electricity.

Tawang here i come

I have listed around 10 reasons why Tawang is extremely beautiful just the way it is described by everyone who visits it .A base for Buddhism with extra ordinary views to kill , high altitude of around 10,000 feet above sea level makes it more magnanimous.

When you are traveling in the Himalayan region it is definitely fascinating to stay in a home stay rather than a hotel and I highly recommend the Tawang Homestay as the place to spend your next three nights at.The host Dicky welcomes you with open arms and takes you through her huge garden filled with flowers and fruits and then to the accommodation rooms and treats you for a nice hot dinner very lovingly. What more could you ask for .

1 Tawang Monastery

India’s largest Monastery that controls 17 gompas in the region and a very important seat of my Hiana Buddhism.What draws you to the monastery is the imposing three-story the assembly hall and 28 feet high golden statue of lord Buddha .

The view of the Tawang monastery can be seen from most of the Uphill areas around it.A place of study in Buddhism school where more than thousand young monks study and chant here everyday

I indeed got lucky because I had a chance to visit one of the study group and make a presentation on fundamentals of Buddhism and an opportunity to talk to the students there. The chanting then continued.

Jaswant War Memorial

The single soldier who fought almost barehanded with the Chinese army in 1962 certainly deserves a mention here .

Bum – La pass

A special permission is needed to visit the BumLa pass which has to be applied a day earlier with an ID and a local car needs to be hired to visit this destination which was the highlight of my trip.

At the height of 15,200 feet with all year bound chill the Bum la pass fills you up with intense patriotism as you are welcomed by the army who first welcome you with a hot cup of tea and a snack and patiently walk you around the border giving you very interesting inputs and stories about the daily activities.The army officers described how the 1961 Indo China war took place and also discuss about the current situation happening where It’s clearly seen the Chinese army just a few kilometers away with binoculars.Bum la pass Is also interesting because the first Dalai Lama had come from these mountains. The history books come alive and every incident of the past can be seen come to life .

Sleep well, we are guarding the borders, this is what the soldiers tell you after the conversations.

Sangetsar lake

It’s very common in India for places to become popular because of film actors and this lake is called locally as Madhuri Lake.This lake is quite sinister looking because of the trees in the lake which are like dead trees as it was formed by the aftermath of an earthquake in 1950.This is maintained by the Indian Army and you can enjoy the snacks and tea from the canteen.

The Magnificent Giant Buddha

Constructed on an elevation of 10,000 feet this giant Buddha statue is located on a small hill near the Tawang Circle, and offers some really good scenery.The prayer hall underneath the statue is for meditation and it is the location which is enchanting.

The sound and light show at the amphitheatre Is another activity by the army managed very well to show the importance of Tawang and it’s important role in history ,so don’t miss it for its colorful laser beams and commentary.

There is a small charge of Rs.50 which is again paid to though army reception for maintaining this place and utilizing the electricity required.

Dirang Valley the Swiss of the east so what do you see here.

Dirang is a photographer s paradise and I’m not surprised why it is called the Switzerland of the east because of the strategically placed fur trees on the valley that gives a beautiful slopy look. For me the highlight here was the monastery and it’s very apt location… If you are bored of only seeing monasteries then this piece of architecture and landscaping will break the monotony.

Where to stay

Dirang boutique cottage , You wouldn’t have seen anything like this ever in any type of yours, run by a lady and her son this mall eight cottage property is by the Riverside with a very romantic approach of a suspension Bridge. Look up on Google for the contact numbers and address.

THe Mandala top

Now this is a new attraction and it was only with my interaction with the locals and travellers that I got to know of this remote hilly region 22 km away from Dirang .

It’s again on high altitude ,so the moment you are going up you can feel the chill and at this time especially in the evening all you want is a cup of hot tea and I was very lucky that I found a local lady who very warmly invited me to her house from the monpa tribe and made fresh hot ginger tea for us.

The winding bumpy roads leads you to a mandala which are 108 stupas with the Buddhist mantra on each Stupa Om Mani Padme Hum. This is a community venture as each stupa Is donated from a family around this village .

The UNESCO Heritage Village Themang

This is a fortified city with a history and dates back to the 12th century, Thembang is a village that follows all protocols of a green village with no carbon footprint. The cultural richness is visible everywhere and the large wooden gates invite you to plunge into places like the monastery Or the Homestays which are built the typical traditional style made with stones and wood . This mountainous hamlet is a piece of paradise with fables .It also witnessed numerous wars on its land hence a strong fortification stone wall gates were constructed by the villagers here. Now the settlement is very peaceful still following the Panchayati system of governance where the possession of properties is deemed as community ownership.

What is so unique about Thembang

The village has some mysterious caves that are laden with stone blocks with a lot of stories about the Monpa tribes past As storytelling was an important part of community meetings way back then.

So what to do here

Walk walk and trek .. And you will laugh and discover and explore the people from this village, a very down-to-earth and humble hamlet and don’t be surprised if you get a lot of invitations for tea and biscuits.

Driving back to Guawhati and it’s a wise stop to make Bomdilla to see the monastery

Bomdila is famous for its apple orchards so if you are travelling in September or October you can actually walk into the apple orchards and taste the fruits

Overnight stay

The best place to stay is at Doe Gu khil Which is managed by the Buddhist monastery and is a decent place to stay.

Doe -Gu -khil phone 03782-223232

So this was my western Arunachal Pradesh trip which can be easily done in about eight days but I chose to stay in Gauhati and be a part of a social activity so I went to mothers Senior Citizen Home to spend a couple of hours before the flight with the mothers there. A breakfast meeting and spending time by talking to them And participating in their daily activity schedule was just the perfect thing to do to wind my most wonderful explorative trip of Arunachal Pradesh.

Mona Lisa Society Ajanta Park Gauhati Assam098640 48360

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Adventure in the mountains of Ladakh September 15 2021

Ladakh is a destination which cannot match or compare to any other place you have ever visited.Ladakh actually means raw and unadulterated pristine nature.You have to be well prepared for dirt roads intense heat in the day, chill in the evening…And sudden change in weather.If the sky is clear it is an ethereal blue which is just unreal but that is how Ladakh is….It’s unreal and to make sure that it’s real please keep pinching yourself.

Despite being an avid traveller, I had a gnawing feeling that I could suffer from mountain sickness if I would ever have to go to Ladakh, so I was quite desperate to check out a companion for this travel though I am otherwise a very confident solo traveller. Enroute Helpful travellers give tips and my driver was very helpful in all his suggestions.

Srinagar to leh by road

I had heard quite a lot about the beauty of the transforming landscapes from Srinagar to Leh , So I booked a flight from Hyderabad to Srinagar spending a day there at leisure to check out a day trip which I hadn’t done before, so I finalised Doodhpatri ,55 km away from the capital into the beautiful valleys and meadows of the milk like streams here .It was definitely worth it and the pictures will tell you 1000 stories.

Staying in a houseboat on the Dal lake is a revealing experience, and Shama is the boat that I finalised because I knew its owners well.Beautifully decorated with carpets rugs and kilims,the Kashmiri hospitality was at its best with the owner Aslam who ensured the best of all services here.

From Srinagar the leh road trip, starts .Exciting is the fact that the national highway is NH 1 and going by the road acclimatises a person who assumes they could suffer from mountain sickness, but my advice please don’t assume because I had absolutely no oxygen related issues at all.The road from Srinagar to Leh via Kargil is actually a very important route because it is very close to the LOC and you can see army outposts practically everywhere ensuring you a very safe and secure feeling.

All along the way the Indus River does not leave you but after Sonamarg and onto Zojila ,Namki and Fotu la passes the terrain becomes harsh and barren .

So this is how my route map was to give you a correct idea on what you will be driving across

Srinagar – Sonamarg – Zojila – drass – Kargil – lamayuru– Saspol – Leh .

I chose to stay at Kargil as it is a bigger town and has decent accommodations and my guest house was called Suru view,Basic room accommodation with a north Indian breakfast.

Passing by Drass Valley reminds you of all the news you have been reading about the infamous Kargil war where Drass played a very significant role, remember the Pakistani Army in 1999 which started dropping shells in the surrounding villages and war broke out between India and Pakistan but in the end India recaptured drass and other parts too .

It is the second coldest inhabited and visiting the famous War Memorial to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the India Pakistan war is definitely a must.The small town has a population of about 1200 people and the people here are mostly from the Baltic tribes and I feel May to September could be the best seasons for you to travel through drass Valley.


It was my driver Ghulam Mohammad who kept talking about Minamarg and the Amarnath yatra and just 30 km away from Drass are the beautiful Meadows of Minamarg enveloped by lush vegetation and I hopped off the vehicle several times for videos and pictures.

Along the way there are various treks for trek lovers called the musko Valley Saliskote , Amarnath.

After driving from Kargil around 45 km is the Mulbekh monastery known for its two gompas and altitude is just 3304 m and the statue of Buddha is 9 m tall overlooking the old trade route and the modern Highway.

After passing by Mulbekh which was the first monastery I visited on this route, the most popular amongst tourists is the Lamayuru monastery and this really needs time to visit.A large number of wall paintings artefacts statues and carpets .I was lucky to witness a special ritual where several monks conducted prayers for a young monk.


Finally the dream destination arrives and this high altitude capital city onthe mountain is around 10,000f ft altitude is definitely not easy for beginners.The landscape here is mesmerising There is so much to explore so the excitement quadrupled. From the magnetic Hill to Gurudwara Pathar Sahib,Both these places were worth it. Stories of how guru Nanak jee came here and miracles that happened will leave you spellbound. The Sangam or the confluence of Indus and zanskar rivers were a treat to the eyes.You can find two colours merging seamlessly here .

Enroute places to eat ,

you will find small joints which serves food like noodles, Momos, Thukpa .These are somewhat like snacks but enough to likely fill you up on the go.

I wanted to reserve my Leh sightseeing and shopping while returning back so I reserved it on hold.

It is important to rest and acclimatise better in Leh and my selection was a warm homestay called Green Villa guesthouse on chubi Road.Owned by a large family I particularly liked the huge bungalow surrounded by apple and apricot trees and all inclusive meals of dinner and breakfast gave a true home feeling

It’s Nubra Valley via Khardung La pass .

Leaving Leh the next day ,reached Khardung La around 40 km away with a boggling altitude of a good 18,000 feet ,chill winds , low oxygen ,Had a cup of tea pictures on the go and get set leave .

The road conditions are just average and it starts to deteriorate pass the South Kulu checkpoint until the very top.If you survive breathing well in Khardung La then you don’t have to worry for the rest of Ladakh.Walking even 10 steps can tire you so please walk slowly and slowly.

Remember here you need inner line permit which is important when you travel to protected areas for a certain amount of time.

When You are visiting Khardung please note

Because of its high altitude ensure that you don’t stay more than 15 minutes .

Nubra Valley and shyok valley

From Khardung La it is a total downhill drive till you reach the enormous Diskit monastery. A seated Buddha In fluorescent pink colours with a view to kill , most of the monasteries in Ladakh are simply amazing because they are all built on high altitude which covers the surrounding vegetation expansively .

At Nubra Valley there are various accommodation options either in Diskit or Hunder and my preference was Hunder which was again in a quaint guest house by the name Yourdum .

The hosts are always warm inviting and helpful immediately touching your heart and you long to stay in such places where you get home-cooked food for dinner and nice Aloo parathas for breakfast.

Turtuk village drive

Turtuk Is a very popular day trip because the village is very quaint and the culture of the people here is very different from the rest of Ladakh.This definitely should be included when you are visiting the Nubra Valley.Call some makes an interesting history because It was a part of Pakistan occupied Kashmir and India seiged it during The Indo Pakistan war in 1971.This is actually Baltistan.

Today it is nice to see the union of cultures and even the trek to the monastery close to the Indo Pak border is a beautiful trek with some school buildings around where most of the children study here.

Turtuk is the gateway to Siachen glacier and remember you need a inner line pass to visit here.

The geography of Turtuk is very interesting if you would like to see the village you have to cross the bridge and various options of homestay are available but I preferred to stay down as I reached the village after dusk and my guest house was a very nice place called Ashoor .The hosts were extremely friendly and ensured best service always ,They were from Jammu.

In the morning it is wise to leave a bit early and visit the village by foot as you walk in the narrow allies and see the local people and children going about their daily routine.Don’t forget to buy the apricots there and also the apricot oil which is very healthy for the skin and hair.I can recommend a restaurant called balti restaurant where you get amazingly healthy and delicious vegan food. Check out their variety of salads.

The polo ground is also interesting as well as the balti heritage house.

When you are in Turtuk do not forget to see the natural cold storage about how the villagers store their groceries and butter,

Drive from Turtuk to Nubra Valley checking out the sand dunes and double humped camels on the way,But since I am not one of those who will sit on the animals I chose not to take the ride and reached Pangong Tso.On this road trip you will cross military convoys in plenty as this is a military airfield and a tiny settlement.After Thoise the route becomes isolated with no sign of civilisation,The Shyok river always gives you company and there is a massive suspension bridge that takes you down to the river bed.

Pangong tso

One of the most commonly heard destinations by everyone who has visited Ladakh is this massive huge lake A little before sunset and the weather being just perfect .The moment I cast my eyes on this lake,my weariness of the long winding drive with just a few stops relaxed my soul immediately because this is the magic of the calm waters and the waters were not blue but they were grey …And that’s its beauty. The lake is huge almost 134 km long extending from Ladakh India to Tibet China only 40% of it is in India while 60% comes under the purview of China.Highest altitude saltwater lake, Pangong enthralls you because of its fables and stories and being one of the hotspots for Bollywood dance numbers.As this lake is almost on altitude of 17,000 feet when you cross Chang La pass so ensure that you’re well acclimatised when you reach here .As I was not so keen to stay in one of the camps and my driver had a contact in a nearby village 14 km away call Mig Merak we decided to drive down there , a home stay right under the glacier, cold as hell but with a very bright sky and a full moon.The homestay called the peaceful homestay with hosts very warm and hospitable which is usual of Ladhakis .Yummy home-made food in the evening of Dal Roti sabji and a teeny-weeny room full of blankets was enough to spend the night here.

Merak to chushul to Hanle

Chushul honestly looked like a ghost town and nowhere you could find anyone to even ask for directions as there were several tracks but our driver was an expert. When you are travelling you come across Rezang La and there is also a memorial created in remembrance of the brave soldiers of 13th battalion of Kumaon Regiment.After this the road was really treacherous and the weather was getting colder and colder and when you are reaching Hanley it became super cloudy.Even though my expert driver was sitting just beside me I really got scared but after an hour we reached Loma bend and this is where the road to Hanle bifurcates and since permits are very important to visit this Observatory,Our papers were checked and we proceeded .Due to sheer luck managed to get an appointment to go inside the Observatory and visit the third largest telescope in the world.Celestial objects in the atmosphere are checked and reported to ISRO in Bangalore.It was truly remarkable something that I saw the first time in my life.Icy winds, very high altitude prompted me to make a quick exit via tsomoriri .Drove past Nyomah ,had lunch there and continued the journey towards Mahi Bridge and it was a quick decision to skip pso moriri for this time.I have seen pictures of it and I know it’s a very pretty lake but I keep certain things always for the next time.

Driving to Chuma Thang and then to Leh

The road to Chumathang was in good condition from Mahi Bridge to upshi was under repair .I had to make overnight stop at Chuma Thang though I found it has a very filthy but its popular only because of the hot springs.Managed to find a decent overnight accommodation, the host was as usual warm and this fills up for any lack of other facilities.Of course there was absolutely no mobile data network of Airtel anywhere for past three days.

Back to Leh

It was a relief to get back to the city, after the off-roading done but definitely the mountain memories haunted me and still does .After a nice lunch on the way proceeded to Shey Palace, this monastery is quite a climb ,but as soon as you reach the top you see a beautiful statue of Shakya Muni and the victory stupa .At high elevation the views are always fabulous and that makes a picture stop.

Thicksey Monastery

This particular monastery I was told exactly resembles the Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet.Again a beautiful climb and this cave architecture where the monastery is built in the mountain leading to a gorge..Just about 20 km from Leh,I recommend you must go there for his sheer magnificance .

in Leh visit the Hall of Fame ,Jorawar fort and the Mall Road .

Jorawar fort
Hall of fame

Sonam wangchuk school or Secmol .

Frankly my trip to Ladakh would be incomplete if I would not have carried the social message of what iSonam Wangchuk has done to this beautiful territory of Ladakh.

The philosophy of Secmol

No student is ever berated , those who do not want to pursue formal education and have failed in the 10th class take admission in SECMOL .
The students are the guides of the school.
Expenditures in running the school is very low as they are only dependent on natural resources which are fortunately abundant in the phey village in Leh .
My student guide is below … learning to communicate in English .
When visiting Ladakh please ensure you book an appointment and try to volunteer at the school here.

Left my heart in Ladakh as I bid adieu

Ladakh definitely captures your heart for its sheer beauty, raw and brazen environment, the very calm innocence of the Ladakhi people,.

The military outposts everywhere also surges in you an intense feeling of patriotism.You understand how they put up with treacherous conditions extremely volatile weather all for our safety and security. For once I was so happy paying my taxes honestly because I know a part of it will also go in the security of our nation.


Vietnam was a surprise package… The initial thought of this country was always oh no…but a visit there changed my thoughts views and perceptions.
A country so diverse and interesting that you ll wonder what’s more to arrive.
I reached hanoi on 1 march by Malaysian airlines and reached safely  in the bustling city.
My guide for Vietnam was a very affable smiling and a diminutive guy called Tony chu , his Vietnam else name being  chu van toa my hotel that day was the Hilton opera.
The day I reached I visited the french quarters and was surprised to see the magnificent work on buildings that the french left behind. The opera house was another noteworthy structure.
My guide insisted I taste the famous ice cream on tang tien street. I visited the LI thang park famous with the locals and was an observer on activities that they indulged in. Next we went to the
sofitel metropole hotel, a historic  hotel which has a tunnel inside  hotel.
Back to the hotel.
The next day  we went to the day long trip of the halong bay cruise,  words cannot do justice to this natural wonder where 3000 or more incredible islands rise from the emerald waters of the gulf of tonkin. HA long means where the dragons descends into the sea and islands are dotted with wind and wave eroded grottos. The caves have unique shaped stalactites and stalagmites.
The next day I stayed with a local family
Sam doan who lives with his father and sister. Never in my life I had the opportunity to sleep on a futon on the floor in a tiny matchbox apartment. Several thoughts ran in my head. . Oh my god what am I doing here to” what if one day I have nothing in life and just live in the tiniest place… I shivered.
My days sightseeing began with the very interesting
van meiu temple of literature which  is about confucious and the  first university of Vietnam .
Got to see Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and his house,  one pillar pagoda ,lady Buddha and different types of village homes. Rural homes in Vietnam. My lunch was at Theit phat vegetarian restaurant in old hanoi. My next sight was the museum of ethnology.. and ethnic tribals of vietnam.
My stay was in old hanoi at icon 36.
The next day I left to Hoi An a port city and the airport is located in Da NANG 40 km away from the city.
The Walking tour in old town was the highlight of my trip. The Japanese covered bridge was constructed in 1593 and has a temple built into the northern side. We also got to see old houses of historic importance and some museums.

And went to market street restaurant and then to hotel vinh hung emerald resort room number 404.
Went on a bike to  the countryside to cua dai beach and  visited the hoi an resort .

Went to NAM HAI hotel and saw the luxury pool villa.
Went to ganesh hotel for Indian lunch .
Walked again and saw old houses  and saw the big shopping areas . I really loved the bright and colourful single person rickshaw and had a ride across the vegetable market.

We flew to ho chi min city and checked in at song anh at Le thanh ton street .
Room no 403 for 30 USD
Went to vegan restaurant and then walked through the park to  the night market and to hotel.
On 8 March we went to breakfast and then to war museum.
Then to independence palace of reunification.
Saw the magnificiently built  post office built during french rule in 1886.
Lunch at same restaurant .

Went to  the famous majestic hotel rooftop for Vietnamese coffee.
Went to cosmetic shop at dong khoi street.
The next day I went to the mekong delta cruise and to the rural village but was pretty disappointed.  It was quite a rip off .. noteworthy was the candy industry run by the locals.
Off to airport to catch a flight to seim reap… Cambodia.

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Royalty like days of yore

Does it sound like a dream come true if you are reliving the romance of a bygone era with its resplendent opulence. That’s exactly what the luxury train golden chariot is all about.
It’s purely experiential.  Just be ready to get transported to the








past with loud welcomes and departures .
I had a lucky chance to be aboard the pride of the south itinerary  of the golden chariot that takes you to karnataka.
The train embarks from bengaluru and takes you on an exciting tour to some lovely historical cities … The first one being mysore with a tour to the mysore Palace a definite see with its finest  18-19 centuries architecture.
From a Palace to a river lodge, that’s diversity as you are now into the hunting lodge of the maharajahs , the dense and lush forests do have an exciting wild life but I was not lucky to see the big game.
The golden chariot chugs along with the finest cuisines offered in its two dining sections offering continental and Indian cuisine.  There is a well placed bar for the ones who wanna enjoy their liquor  too.
The other towns that the golden chariot reaches is srirangapatna , the bastion of tipu sultan and then the road takes its bend to hassan for an exquisite detail of hoysala architecture.
The golden chariot has well structured stateroom cabins with an option of a king size or twin bed , a shower area and of course if you want to rejuvenate then there is a spa and steam room.. yes all on the train all offering relaxing therapies based on ancient ayurveda.
You will love the experience getting a massage done as the train pulls through with its cradling sensation putting you to sleep like a baby.
The other destinations are belur and halebeedu  the beautiful hoysala temples with its stone nymphs and folk deities.
Then you reach shravanbelagola home to the tallest monolith statue in the join pilgrim circuit, followed by hampi which are the remains of the vijaynagara empire .The train then moves to pattadakal another Unesco heritage site with a very fascinating Temple complex that was once the coronation of several dynasties, then to bad ami with its cave temples . A dip in the beaches of go a and then you are back to Bangalore.
The golden chariot is ideally for people who wish to travel in style and relax  with no worries for any planning or preparation.
The stay and food are of absolutely star quality and the service is impeccable.
The golden chariot train is generally being favoured by the westerners who wish to visit India by train yet enjoy 5 star luxuries.  Indians however may find it expensive but it is now than a five star hotel definitely.
So prepare to be pampered in all its finery and niceties on the golden chariot .
By vibha jain

http://golden chariot

The writer is a travel enthusiast and can be reached at

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